Creative Designs with Lift and Slide Windows and Doors

Creative Designs with Lift and Slide Windows and Doors

TGP Lift & Slide windows and doors achieve maximum thermal and acoustic performance thanks to high quality metarials and experienced workmanship. Despite this increased weight, the unique lifting and sliding function of each leaf is never impeded, sliding effortlessly towards one side in a multitude of configurations depending on your preferences.

Unobtrusive and always discreet in both residential and commercial applications, we supply lift and slide doors up to a height of 3000mm to cater for even the most demanding of aperture sizes. TGP Lift & Slide Windows Systems assures that any natural light present will easily be able to shine through, giving the impression of a much lighter and much bigger space.

Specifically designed and engineered from the ground up to accommodate the heavy duty operation expected from such a robust and durable aluminium system, lift and slide doors and windows from TGP Systems are also heavily customisable. Over 150 RAL colour shades can be applied both internally and externally, resulting in a product that looks just as great as it functions.

Which material to choose; Aluminium or uPVC?

Due to the strength of aluminium, each door panel can be made wider than a uPVC door and the profiles tend to be slimmer, allowing for more glass and less frame. Excellent U-Values can be achieved with either a twin or triple track. Aluminium sliding doors are available in a wide range of RAL colours and require very little maintenance to keep them looking good over a long period of time.

uPVC Sliding Doors are energy efficient, offering cost effective thermal efficiency to reduce heating costs. They are very low maintenance and cleaning is simple using soapy warm water. uPVC sliding doors tend to have thicker sightlines than Aluminium.