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How to replace window handle?

How to replace window handle?

A window handle can easily be replaced. You can easily replace a handle with the help of a screwdriver. That is the only tool you will need for the job, as can be seen on the video.

There could be many reasons for replacing a window handle. Security, breakage, wearing out with age may be some of the reasons. You could also need to replace it to get a better look for your home. A minor change around the house, like a new window handle, may end up giving your house a much more elegant look.


If you are using roller blinds or flyscreens, a flat handle may be a lifesaver for windows that are low on space. Since a flat handle is shorter than a regular handle, it will not only provide space for collapsible flyscreens, it will also be a solution for the bulging of roller blinds. A flat handle can easily be swapped with a standard window handle. With a flat handle, you can use your roller blinds without any bulging, giving your windows a much leaner look. Flat handle is compatible for both PVC and aluminum windows.—T-41010-00-0-7.html

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