How to Make?

How to secure your windows?

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There is much information on the internet about the ways to secure your home. So, what you need is filtered and beneficial tips and solutions to secure windows and doors.

TGP window systems offer a wide range of window security products to improve your life quality. Here tips how to  to make your home safer;

Offering baby proof, security locks are powerful and suitable for plastic and metal windows.

With its metal structure and easy montage, window restrictors are suitable for many different types of windows including tilt and turn, sliding windows/ doors and conventional.

Lockable window handles are popular choices for families with kids. You can easily lock the windows and don’t have to worry about your children’s’ safety when you’re not at home.

Resistant to 1-ton pressure, extra safety locks are among our top preferred window security products.

Providing an easy montage, locks with hooks are baby proof and child secure.


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