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Parallel Sliding System

Maximize your comfort with Parallel Sliding Door System

Unobstructed views, seamless indoor and outdoor living and abundant natural light. Experience all these with the TGP Fortuna Parallel Sliding Door Systems without compromising  function, security and performance.


Stepping outside for fresh air has never been easier, thanks to our sliding door system. The effortless opening by a handle provides easy access to your outside environment. The sills are free of a deep groove that ensures dirt and debris never effect the performance of the parallel sliding doors.

This innovation ensures the required level of independence, as it will gradually replace the current range of additional products purchased. TGP offers a wide variety of solutions in sliding systems and  TGP Fortuna parallel sliding system is but one of them.

TGP Fortuna is a tilt & slide system for aluminum and PVC doors and windows. These sliding doors are available in manual and semi-automatic configurations.  Parallel Sliding System offers an efficient, practical, elegant one of a kind solution for your house. You are in safe hands with our quality products and outstanding aftersale support.

Details to make your life easier.

This type of sliding door is well suited for large openings up to 3meters. With its tilt position, the system allows easy air ventilation. The effortless operation of sash units up to 200 kg in weight really makes an impact: when it is closed, the hardware automatically pulls the sash towards the frame. The user hardly needs to exert any manual force or pressure on the sash. The integrated spring mechanism on the rear roller is a sophisticated functional detail. The spring assembly in the mechanism stores the energy produced when opening the door and is thereby tensioned. When the sash is closed, the energy stored is released to enhance sash lift. TGP Fortuna Parallel Sliding System is a perfect product when you are low on space.

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