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How to secure your windows?

There is much information on the internet about the ways to secure your home. So, what you need is filtered and beneficial tips and solutions to secure windows and doors.

TGP window systems offer a wide range of window security products to improve your life quality. Here tips how to  to make your home safer;

  • Security lock

Offering baby proof, security locks are powerful and suitable for plastic and metal windows.

  • Window restrictor

With its metal structure and easy montage, window restrictors are suitable for many different types of windows including tilt and turn, sliding windows/ doors and conventional.

  • Fora window handle-lockable

Lockable window handles are popular choices for families with kids. You can easily lock the windows and don’t have to worry about your children’s’ safety when you’re not at home.

  • Extra safety lock

Resistant to 1-ton pressure, extra safety locks are among our top preferred window security products.

  • Security lock with hook

Providing an easy montage, locks with hooks are baby proof and child secure.


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Safety Systems for your Children and Home

Safety Systems for your Children and Home

Has the time come to babyproof your house? Have you only just realized windows need to be babyproofed and find yourself scrambling for solutions?

When most people think of making the home safe for growing children, many think of covering hard corners and moving dangerous chemicals out of reach — but windows babyproofing treatment too.

Over 5,000 children are injured each year falling from windows. That number doesn’t even include children who are injured by glass from broken windows or window cords.

So what’s the best way to babyproof windows? What’s most cost-effective? How can you ensure your child is safe?


Here is the TGP Safety Systems for your Children and Home



TGP Window Safety Systems are simple and effective child safety and accident prevention solutions designed to set your mind at ease. TGP Safety Locks keeps the kids inside and the burglars out.


TGP window safety solutions are ideal for any floor of any type of building. Our products help create a safe, accident-free environment and help keep intruders out.


How to replace window handle?

How to replace window handle?

A window handle can easily be replaced. You can easily replace a handle with the help of a screwdriver. That is the only tool you will need for the job, as can be seen on the video.

There could be many reasons for replacing a window handle. Security, breakage, wearing out with age may be some of the reasons. You could also need to replace it to get a better look for your home. A minor change around the house, like a new window handle, may end up giving your house a much more elegant look.


If you are using roller blinds or flyscreens, a flat handle may be a lifesaver for windows that are low on space. Since a flat handle is shorter than a regular handle, it will not only provide space for collapsible flyscreens, it will also be a solution for the bulging of roller blinds. A flat handle can easily be swapped with a standard window handle. With a flat handle, you can use your roller blinds without any bulging, giving your windows a much leaner look. Flat handle is compatible for both PVC and aluminum windows.—T-41010-00-0-7.html