How to Make Motorized Guillotine Window & Door Systems Order?

How to Make Motorized Guillotine Window & Door Systems Order?


Product Description

The Guillotine Window from TGP systems is a vertical sliding sash window suitable to create full floor to ceiling elevations of smooth sliding glass with slim  horizontal framing.


Panel Size  and Profile Sections

The slim framed sash windows  with a maximum width of 4000mm and height of 900mm glass panel.  The sizes of the panels related with the weight and project details. The whole guillotine window systems  consist of 3 or 4 panels.




Any glass available on request.  (triple glass 32 mm, double glass 20 mm or 24 mm, single glass 10 mm, argon filled cavity / [6/8]mm toughened inner with low e coating, Low Iron Glass, Low Maintenance Coatings, Solar Control Coatings, IQ Heated Glass, Privacy Glass, Electro Chromic Glass, Coloured/Transparent / Decorative Interlayers (on small sizes), Acoustic Interlayers (on small sizes), Anti Reflective Glass  Typical Glass Ug value 1.1 W/m2K )


Poweder Coating, any RAL Colours


Automated with remote control.  There is not manual control so  power supply would be needed in any case of electricity problems)

Offer  Request

If you need a quotation for guillotine window system ,please kindly check quote form . Our technical team will examine your request and send you offer in a short period.

Delivery and Shipment

Special packaging  in box pallette in order to avoid any damage during transportation.

Insulation Properties

  • Glass is the most important part of thermal insulation. Thermal insulation quality depends on glass thickness or property. Please ask for more information.
  • As you know, the U-Value measures how much heat is lost by passing through building material – whether that’s floors, walls, roofs or windows. Our product which is mostly offered as wintergarden or smoking areas solutions for restaurants, no need U Value measures. The aluminium frame that we are using is supported by brush and can not say completely insulated however air. So the U-value of the frame vary based on the glass package that it is modeled with. As an example, 4+16+4 mm Solar Control Low-E Glass  has U Value W/(m2K) : 1.3 (overall Uw values must be calculated per installation)

Construction and Installation  and Technical Assistance

Dimensions of frame and operation voids may vary depending on size and weights of glass units. If requested, we may help you with our technical asistance on site as well. Please feel free to ask about technical assistance issue details.


*  The state of the technical specifications in accordance with the reference inquiry form.  We guarantee the mentioned characteristics for a period of 2 years (as of the production date),

*Dimensions as agreed in the inquiry form..

TGP does not, in any case, guarantee any damage resulting from the installation. We strongly advise our installers to take on decennial liability insurance to cover the installation.

TGP reserves the right to examine the damaged goods. If required, the claimant is obliged to return the defective articles to TGP. Should certain products no longer conform to the two above-mentioned points, TGP will bear only the expenses for the replacement product, but will not, in any case, bear the costs of dismantling the defective product, or reinstallation, nor any other direct or indirect expense.