Why choose TGP Felix Lift and Slide Window and Door Systems?

The View & Light

There’s no compromising the views you can enjoy with the installation of a lift and slide door and window system in your home or office. With these systems, you’ll find that the views are better, the light is greater. TGP Felix Lift & Slide systems are the ideal solution for rooms requiring a lot of sunlight, or for homes situated in panoramic areas where having large glass windows enables you to enjoy a complete view of the landscape.

The Look

Lift and slide window and door systems are certainly highly functional, but they’re gorgeous to look at too. There’s something inherently elegant about the look and feel of these innovative systems that make them the ideal addition to any residential or commercial structure.

The Versatility

Energy efficiency, ease of use, high functionality, and amazing esthetics all combine to create a highly versatile system for your windows and doors. The lift and slide window and door systems from TGP Felix Lift & Slide windows and doors will not only improve the overall look of your home, they’ll also help you better enjoy the fresh outdoor air even while you’re still indoors. And the fact that they’re energy efficient is the prize.

The Barefoot

The European inspired design provides minimal site line interference with minimal rail protrusion making them “barefoot friendly.” Their expansive openings bring the outdoors in, providing a sense of freedom and more fresh air. They also offer superior sound control when closed.

The smooth operation

Allowing them to slide effortlessly, so you can relax and bask in the day.